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Hey everyone! This is kinda bittersweet, but I was looking at my LJ info page and realized that i'm in a couple wedding planning type communities that i probably don't belong to. i guess it's about time that i leave these communities, since we've been married almost a year now..  i sincerely wish the best for all of you! don't hesitate to keep in touch or friend me on my personal journal.... <3


Do you like to cook?

hey. I thought this might be something that us newly married and soon to be married people would enjoy!!

i'm doing this recipe tree thing where you get a letter and you send your favorite recipe to the person who's address is on the back of the letter, and then you send the letter to 8 people and you end up getting 64 recipes in the mail.. it's really fun.

anyway, i'm sending my letters out tomorrow, and it's more fun to get recipes from people all around, so i thought i'd see if any of you would be interested. if you want to join, send me a message and i'll include you!

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Can anyone help me out with cool/unique ideas for bridesmaids/groomsmen's gifts? I'm at a loss, really. I'm a college student, so I'm on a tight budget, but i really want to do something especially nice for these people that mean so much to me. I have a couple little things that i've already picked up, but i feel like it's really not enough. Any help? Thanks!


Hava Nagila

I wasn't entirely thrilled about having the Hava Nagila at our reception...well, actually I was pretty opposed to it. I know it's a tradition, but I have no interest in being up on a chair. FH pointed out that you don't *have* to do the chair part, but I know if we're not up on chairs, everyone's going to think (somewhat correctly) that the reason is because I'm 200+ pounds and it would be painful for all involved. :) I'm not self-conscious about being fat (nor do I think of it as a bad thing), but other people don't share my fat opinions. Anyways, it's also an issue because of our reception site. We don't have a ton of extra room...we're pretty much at capacity for the site. We're not going to have a big dance floor; the "dance floor" will probably be about 8'x8' if even that big. Plus, it's really another line/group dance...and I don't like line/group dances anyways.

But, FH really wanted to have it, so I started looking around a bit, trying to find a version that didn't sound quite as cheesy as Hava Nagila has sounded at the eight Jewish weddings I've been to. I stumbled across some versions on iTunes that are dance remixes, and they're pretty cool, so I thought I'd share. It's an EP of 6 re-mixes of Hava Nagila by Alex M. versus Marc Van Damme. There's a club mix, a radio edit, and some other variants. So, if you're looking for an alternative Hava Nagila, check it out. :) If you don't have iTunes, you might be able to find it at a record store...but I haven't tried looking so I don't know.

It didn't fix the other issues I have with the Hava Nagila dance, but it was cool enough that I decided not to fight this one and save up the spousal compromise credits for some other issue. :)

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Some status updates - the hunt for an officiant

Wedding date: 2 Apr 2006, Location: Flamingo Garden Gazebo in Las Vegas

My FH is Jewish. I have no religious preference, so I was fine with using a Jewish structure for the wedding. We aren't having kids, so that's not an issue. My FH doesn't actually believe in God much anymore, although he's respectful of his family's traditions. He did think his parents and grandparents would be happier if we had a Rabbi, so we asked our chapel to help us find one. This was back in April when we first booked the chapel.

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FYI, price comparisons:
Rabbi Hecht - unknown
Dr. Micki Hecht - $250 as of 5/2005
Rabbi Schachet (when he was doing LV weddings) - $400
Rabbi Mintz - $800
Default Officiant at Flamingo - $50

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Hello everyone! Hi actresluv77, glad to see you here too!!!:)

I just got engaged on Saturday at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and my fiance and I are planning to have a renaissance wedding in the Philadelphia area with 250-275 guests. He's kind of a generic Christian (believes in God and the Bible, but does not go to church) and I am a solitary Celtic Reconstructionist pagan (basically I view the higher power as the Goddess and incorporate a lot of ancestral tradition into my personal spirituality).

We both want a traditional-style, short ceremony in a house of worship. I was thinking about possibly having the wedding at a Unitarian Universalist church, but neither of us have ever been to a service at one. From what I have read, they often welcome people like us to join their services. I think the officiator might also be more open to allowing a handbinding (which I think is even accepted in some churches now), drinking from a wedding cup, and lighting a trinity candle.

Neither of us are extremely religious, but we are both spiritual people and want that to be part of our wedding. We're looking to do a renaissance theme; a short ceremony with a large wedding party. We aren't focused on having too many flowers or additional adornments at the site of the wedding, but we're thinking about a harpist and a vocalist to perform Pachelbel's Canon in D for the processional and Ave Maria when I walk down the aisle. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Nice to meet you all.

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